Facilities and equipment

Raw material storage

Gashor has multiple storage systems that adapt to our customers' needs. We have a wide variety of silos for solids, tanks for liquids and special systems for the dispensation of micro-ingredients.

All our storage systems comply with ATEX regulations and food quality standards in compliance with HACCP, FDA and country-specific regulations. 

Pneumatic conveyors and handling

All our systems are designed to handle ingredients in a safe, hygienic and ergonomic way, adapting to the requirements and regulations of each geographical area.

We design the most suitable conveyor system for the ingredient, volume and distance to be dispensed. At Gashor we supply pneumatic systems in diluted or dense phase and in suction or impulsion. We also have experience in conveyors for fragile and high-fat foods.

Dispensation of micro-ingredients

Gashor fully designs and manufactures all its minority ingredient dispensation stations, consisting of as many tanks as ingredients to be dispensed (2-50 ingredients).

Each ingredient is dispensed by a screw-feed or vibrating hopper to a weighing scale and conveyed through a pneumatic pipe to the points of consumption.


We have equipment to meet additional but equally important needs.

The equipment is designed specially for each customer:

  1. Flour coolers with fluidized bed and continuous airflow in a stainless steel buffer tank
  2. Big-Bag unloaders for high-precision dispensation of large quantities of raw materials
  3. Empty sacks with dust trap, oscillating door and large-surface tray for easy bag unloading
  4. Fully automated systems for the reprocessing of finished products


Tell us what you need
and we'll give you a tailor-made solution

Why Gashor?

We do a custom study of each project: This allows us to optimize the capacity of the equipment for our customer's actual requirements.

Own production of the equipment: This allows us to control, customize and ensure the quality of our equipment and reduce manufacturing time. 

Gashor does the installation and commissioning: This ensures the correct operation of the installation and allows for flexibility in any changes during commissioning.

We have ample experience and know-how

We have a multi-disciplinary team, ranging from a technical-commercial team to establish initial contacts, a technical department with experience in industrial projects and capable of developing a custom solution, our own construction workshop with more than 60 years' experience and fitters with international experience in working with multinationals in the food sector.

We study your project and analyse your requirements

We have a test room to validate all processes and adapt to each customer's needs. We validate the technical solution at source to minimize risks during commissioning. Each and every one of our projects are designed and manufactured specifically for each client.

Latest-generation equipment, reliability and durability

We have the latest advances in design tools, manufacturing and processes and, as a result, we are certified as compliant with the ISO 9001 standard for excellence in quality. Furthermore, we have more than 60 years' experience in technology, know-how and the sector.

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