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Gashor Customers

"Our challenge was to use Tacoshell flour in bulk, avoiding segregation of the raw material in the silos and on the pneumatic conveyor to the mixers. Together with Gashor and our flour supplier, we managed to implement an extraction system and successfully complete the project. It has greatly improved the way we process raw materials."

Ramón Camarena Head of Engineering BarcelBimbo Group Grupo Bimbo

"We were able to jointly develop a dispensation system for different ingredients at the facilities. The system worked according to our quality standards, increasing productivity, ergonomics and food safety. As a result, we have replicated the system in several production lines."

Federico Gullón Gullón Group

"One thing I would like to highlight, which seemed important to me, was all the service we received during the development of the project, including trips, visits and meetings by Gashor. All this allowed us to adapt the entire project to all our requirements."

Verónica Pacheco Production ManagerPan Alcalá Pan Alcalá

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